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Discover Your
Inner Light With Frequency Upgrades

Our 2021 Upcoming Workshops

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View our video introduction to the Time Temple Workshop

Our Community Opens
Their Hearts  

"Working with Bill means signing on to an accelerated growth program. The esoteric modalities he uses gets straight to the heart of the issue on the highest level, which leads to rapid transformation."

"Just as doctors see doctors, and therapists have therapists, my go-to people to clear blocks that persist with me on my timeline is Bill and Nina."

"Bill and Nina are an incredible team! I had no idea where I was going in my life and through their work, I feel like I have more direction and purpose than I could have possibly imagined a year ago! The work with the Time Temple has brought so much new wisdom into my awareness I can barely recognize the person I was before! I'm happier, I found and married a new life partner, and I started a new business that follows my highest life path. 

I cannot say enough good things about Bill and Nina. These people are the real deal!"

K. O'Leary - Nevada, USA

T. Covey - VT, USA

Jessie - USA

Image by Federica Giusti

Vital Bioenergetics is based in Vermont, but our clients are worldwide!

No matter where you are, we offer virtual Zoom sessions at a time that's best for you!

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