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Praise from our Clients

Testimonials from real clients who experienced the extraordinary

Bill and Nina are an incredible team! I had no idea where I was going in my life and through their work I feel like I have more direction and purpose than I could have possibly imagined a year ago! The work with the Time Temple has brought so much new wisdom into my awareness I can barely recognize the person I was before! I'm happier, I found and married a new life partner, and I started a new business that follows my highest life path. 

I cannot say enough good things about Bill and Nina. These people are the real deal!

Jessie - USA

Working with Bill means signing onto an accelerated growth program.  I have been working with Bill over the last year on my business, my relationships, and personal growth.  I have become more empowered, mentally clear, and intuitive.  Over the last year I have gained more clarity on my spiritual path.  The esoteric modalities he uses get straight to the heart of the issue on the highest level which leads to rapid transformation.  I am very grateful that I found Bill!  I highly recommend his work.

-K. O'Leary, Transformation Coach and Healthcare Entrepreneur, Las Vegas, NV, USA

I have had back problems for the last 29 years and have spent the last 29 years trying to cure it. I have tried many modalities with limited success. After one session I only felt brief, random pain in my side. The next day the pain was gone and hasn't returned. I feel like the SRT and Acupuncture therapy shifted me to a better place mentally and physically. If you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety or depression I would recommend a session with these two caring people.

-Heath, Bank Auditor - Florida, USA

"Bill listens and remains centered and engaged when working with healing energy."

- Jan Harris - Eugene, OR

Just as Doctors see Doctors and Therapists have Therapists, my go-to people when I need to get a ‘tune up’, ‘adjustment’, or clear blocks that persist with me on my timeline is this fine couple Bill and Nina. They have helped me countless times in the past two years. I continue to go back because what they do Works(and they are mighty Amazing as individuals too:) Give their website a look over and see if there is something that could benefit you or a friend or family member. I am so grateful for them. People need people.

-Tierra, Psychic Medium, Psychic Ability Development Mentor, Spiritual Advisor - Vermont, USA

Bill and Nina are a unique team. They are both so kind hearted and incredible listeners. Their blend of knowledge offered me great advice and opened my views on many different levels. I highly recommend seeing them both. They blend their shared knowledge in such an interesting, healing way!

Justine, Business Owner - Vermont, USA

Bill and Nina are great people and are very personable. They care deeply for their clients and do everything in their power that when you walk away you are either feeling better or starting to feel better. At first I was on the fence whether I truly believed what Bill was trying to convey to me, but as our time together lengthened, what he was telling me started making a lot of sense and cleared up a lot of my past thoughts and some of the demons haunting me. I recommend their services highly!

-Glenn - New Jersey, USA

"Bill has the down-to-earth skill and spiritual insights to help on many levels. I would want him on my healing team."

Lauren Briggs, Oregon, USA

The first step in solving a problem is realizing there is one. Spiritual Response Therapy helps you identify where the energetic blocks are in your life, and what they look like, and with the help of the divine and your own focused attention, blocks are cleared within moments. I've been healing from my wounds and growing into a strong, empowered woman for quite some time now by doing a massive amount of inner work. Along the way, seeking guidance through therapy and multiple spiritual modalitites has helped build the momentum needed for these positive changes and self-acceptance, but my SRT session with Bill was my key to achieving a level of clarity and expansion that I hadn't yet found, or felt was possible. Bill's no-nonsense approach to spirituality helps bring higher concepts down to earh. He's easy to connect with, and easy to trust, and I'm so grateful that he was there to help me with his unique gifts and connection to Spirit. I recommend booking with Bill if you're feeling blocked in any way on your path of true purpose! 

-Emma V. - Portland, Maine, USA

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