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Twin Flame Within Restructuring

Learn how to heal your relationships by first healing the relationship with yourself.


Are You Ready to Love Yourself?

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How Chinese Cosmology connects with the journey of the soul in its effort to understand itself.

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The connection between our own consciousness expansion and how we relate to others in our lives.

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How to let go of old relationship patterns to make way for new patterns in our lifetimes.

My Dear Friend and Fellow Seeker,

Healing relationships is big business in the counseling world. Whether we are working with clients who are looking for that perfect relationship or we are working with couples where the relationship is in crisis, a common theme that emerges is that often our most troubled relationship is with ourselves.

The Twin Flame within Reconstruction protocol combines Chinese Cosmology as researched by Dr. Mikio Sankey and the art of Akashic Dowsing. The purpose of these charts is to help you heal your relationships with your loved ones by first healing your relationship with yourself.

In this brief, three-hour workshop, we will review how we view our own reality through the lens of Dr. Sankey's seven soul planes and their corresponding permanent atoms. We will then learn how to use the dowsing charts themselves, each corresponding through the various channel points of the body, both physically and cosmologically.


A complete set of charts is included in the class as well as plenty of time for individual practice and feedback!

Whether you are an experienced dowser, or this is the first time you have picked up a pendulum, this workshop will provide you with the skills and the confidence you need to help you heal the most challenging relationship you will ever face in your life. Your relationship with yourself!

I look forward to showing you these amazing tools!

Bill Gee

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