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Online Classes

Learn anywhere you are, on your own time!

Each class includes:

Video Content

Handouts and Examples

1-Hour Consultation with Bill Gee and/or Homework Evaluation

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Twin Flame Within Restructuring Protocol

Too often, relationship problems are the result of a poor relationship with yourself and your higher soul planes. This Akashic dowsing protocol, developed by Bill & Nina Gee, is designed to research and clear those blocks. Includes a complete set of dowsing charts and instructions on how to use them.


Make a Plan for Success

Learn how to transform your esoteric healing hobby into your next career! The world needs you and your light to bring to your clients, and this class is your guide to how you can do what you love and make money doing it!


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Preparing For Tax Season 2021 (for esoteric entrepreneurs)

It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, tax law in the United States is constantly changing and evolving. In this class, learn about how to organize your accounting for the tax man so that you can take advantage of every deduction you're entitled to!


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