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Your Past is Present -
Dowsing Your Connection to Other Lifetimes

Learn how to experientially research other lifetimes so you can incorporate those moments and lessons into your conscious awareness.


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How to experientially research other lifetimes that are beneficial to your life, health, and well-being, and some theories behind how this is possible.
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Meditate to connect with the life that is influencing you the most right now, and show yourself, through finger-painting, your vital story.
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How to use simple dowsing charts to help clarify your experience and discern gifts received and given to yourself.
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Join all of your self-coordinates in this moment to utilize the information, lessons, and gifts right now to create positive change and a clear path forward!

Connect to Past Lives that Matter Right Now

My Dear Friend and Fellow Seeker,

Why are we here? Why have we chosen this particular moment in our consciousness to experience the here and now, when there is an infinity of other possibilities for us to experience right now at this moment?

Through the dowsing tools we have developed, we are able to access and triangulate, a place in space-time where a particular other lifetime motivation is coming through so that we can better understand it, and most importantly, enable us to receive the gifts that we are trying to give ourselves.


This gift can be used as a compass for navigating the now, and enable us to make decisions about not only what is in our highest good, but what brings us the most joy, and show us the easiest way through complex situations. Accessing past lives is one way to bring into our consciousness, our now experiences with more clarity and decisiveness.

In this 2-day workshop, we will explore the scientific basis for past life research, we will learn how to connect to ourselves on an emotional level who exist right now in other lifetimes through meditation and through our own creative expression, and finally, we will learn how to interpret their gifts to us, which will then help us to navigate our own lives with greater purpose and greater joy!

Whether you are an experienced dowser, or this is the first time you have picked up a pendulum, this workshop will provide you with the skills and the confidence you need to help you make deep, emotional connections to every expression of yourself throughout all of time and space.

We just need to learn how to see it!

I look forward to showing you these amazing tools!

Bill Gee

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This class will be held on Saturday, March 11, 2023 from 10 am to 4 pm Eastern Standard time via Zoom

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