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Dowsing Your Story - Using Literary Archetypes

Learn how to incorporate literary archetypes into your Akashic Dowsing practice to provide insight and narrative to your client's struggles.


Hindu Gods and Goddesses
How literary archetypes inform us of our life story and how we connect to that story throughout our lives.
Fortune Telling
How to use the Archetypes dowsing chart to provide context to the story of our lives and the stories of our clients.
Dramatic Portrait
How to make an emotional connection to the hero or villain aspect of our personal archetype in order to better understand the role we play for ourselves in our lives.
Girl with Arms Stretched Out
How we can rise above our archetype programming to find freedom within our consciousness expansion!

You have been living the hero's journey, but that journey is a lie!

My Dear Friends,

All of us have worked with archetypes at one point or another within our personal healing journey. Archetypes are the characters we play and the stories we tend to follow.

The wonderful thing about literary archetypes is that we not only recognize the hero's journey of the character we have connected with, but we also tend to embody those character aspects and incorporate the hero's journey into our life's perspective. 

The construct of the archetype provides a narrative to our story, a predictable pattern we can follow, whether we have chosen to embody the hero aspect of that character or the aspect of the villain.

In this workshop, we will learn how to discern the part we have chosen to play for ourselves through the practice of Akashic Dowsing, which uses a pendulum and a chart to bypass the ego so that we can get to the heart of the story and the character we are playing, as well as discerning the supporting characters in this little play we call life.

We will then learn how we can break away from these archetype characters we have locked ourselves into so that we can experience true freedom to make our own choices and to find our own sense of joy outside of the walls of the theater.

Whether you are an experienced dowser, psychological professional, professional life coach, or you simply want to get at the heart of your own story, this workshop will provide you with an invaluable tool that I've used in my own practice to help my own clients rise above the stories they've created for themselves.

I hope you will join me!

Bill Gee

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