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Vital Bioenergetics is based in Vermont, but are clients are worldwide!

No matter where you are, we offer virtual Zoom sessions at a time that's best for you!

Let us help you live your best life!


Our Mission 

Our goal is to bring together extraordinary healers who have developed their own methods in accordance with their own connection to the divine, and collaborate together in order to bring a unique, high-level healing and transformative experience for our clients.

Here, you will find gifted individuals that will change your perspective like no one else!

Our Method

Release Your Mind

Connect with healers that can help change your perception about your life and the world. Pave the way for real change in your reality!

Treat Your Body

Release long-standing physical patterns and habits that keep you from living your best life in the way YOU want to see it!

Listen to Your Soul

Oracle Girl says, "Bliss can be a state, or the foundation." Hear what your soul wants and begin to live it fully and without compromise.

Each one of our specialists works independently as well as collaboratively. See what each specialist has to offer, or create a team to help you achieve your goals.
Nature Tokens

Our Story

Vital Bioenergetics was founded in 2017 by Nina and Bill Gee as a way of combining their talents through Spiritual Response Therapy and Esoteric Acupuncture. Through the years it has expanded to include research and development into new healing technologies, publishing, and now, the inclusion of other unique healing practitioners who are also searching for new and innovative ways to help their clients reach new levels of consciousness. 

"Bill did such a great job helping me to turn my life around! I barely recognize the person I was before! I've also noticed that other people don't recognize me. My friends and co-workers say I look younger and happier than I've ever been before!"
- T. Parker, Colorado, USA

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